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Minnetonka Tramper Ankle Hi Boots


Minnetonka Tramper Ankle Hi Boot are unique and outstanding boots which be in attention wherever you go. These boots have the classic silhouette which features the touch of modern styling to make these boots one of a kind. The stunning looks of these boots is achieved from the rich materials and superior technologies. These boots will always deliver you comfortable ride and eye-catching looks with any outfit. The upper of these boots is made from the original glove tanned suede. This upper is soft and it contours as per the shape of your feet to ensure that you get customized fit every time. The upper also has the criss cross laces on the top which offers you snug and personalized fit. The collar of these boots have the round design and the shaft has the fringe details which dance around as you ride to add amazing looks to these boots. Interior of these boots is lined to keep your feet free from moisture. This lining absorbs the moisture from the feet and it maintains dry and fresh wearing. The lining also prevents odor and abrasion to ensure that your feet remain healthy no matter how long your wear these boots. The footbed has complete cushioning which disperses the shocks as you ride and magnifies the comfort level. This footbed prevents the harmful stress on your legs and feet and it allows you to wear these boots for long time. These boots have the lightweight crepe outsole which is lightweight and offers you smooth ride. This outsole also offers flexibility and stability to make you walking more sturdy. The outsole has the tread which ensures excellent traction on various wet and dry surfaces to make your ride more secure and stable. These boots weigh 13 ounces as per size 7. You can find this style in these colors: Taupe Suede, Grey Suede, Dusty Brown Suede, Brown Suede and Black Suede.




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Leslie from Newport, WA

I love these boots! They seem very true to size. I normally take an 8 1/2 so I ordered the 9 because my feet are wide. These feel a bit narrow at first for the wide foot but only for 20 minutes or so and they form to your feet very comfortably. They feel like slippers. Once you get the laces in and adjusted the lacing up part is NOT a pain as you can keep them laced up and just loosen them to slip on and off.

Sophomore in high school from Las Vegas, Nevada

Mocs look great but from where they were folded in the box it dented in the leather and leaves a really bad sore on your foot, wish I knew how to fix it. 2 of my friends also ordered size 7 and have the same problem.

Nancy from Baltimore, MD

I bought the boots because the pair that I owned previously had worn out. I like them because they are flat and have a sole that is thick enough for a little protection but, thin enough for me to feel what I am walking on. My problem came with the sizing. Ordinarily, I take a 6.5 or 7, since I have very wide feet, I ordered an 8. It fits fine width-wise and is comfortable length-wise. But, the ankle is too wide to tighten comfortable and the back of the boot is just a tad too high. Fortunately, I believe both of these "problems" will be taken care of as the leather ages and becomes more supple.


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